Jewelry Care

Caring for your jewelry properly is super important for preserving the life of your piece.  Here are a few guidelines to follow for optimal jewelry life:

-DO NOT WEAR IN WATER!! This is rule number one and will most likely ruin the look of your piece. Wearing your jewelry in water will tarnish the metal and could lead to permanent corrosion. 

-Handle with care!  Crystals and minerals can be very fragile and I use a lot of fine specimens in my pieces. Please handle with care as dropping your piece, hitting it into something, or wearing during vigorous activity could damage or break the stone.

-Store in a non humid environment if possible to preserve the finish of the metal. To polish simply buff gently with a soft microfiber cloth.  Do not use silver polish unless your piece is solid sterling.

-To keep the energy of your crystals at their highest, periodically place on a windowsill in direct sunlight for 24-48 hours. Crystals like clear quartz absorb energy so it helps to clear them in the sun once a month or however often you feel called. Do not put them in water.